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Current Openings:

Black Knight Technology specializes in designing, testing, and assessing leading-edge military systems for the US Navy. We are seeking top-tier candidates to join our small group of industry leading engineers in our ongoing efforts to design, develop, test, and analyze Surface Navy Combat, Weapon, and Radar systems. We have highly technical positions open for motivated and independent thinking candidates who can apply modern engineering and software design techniques. Employees will receive mentoring in Combat Systems and System Engineering from our subject matter experts in all areas of combat system design, including weapons, command & control, sensors, communications, and tactical system architecture. Positions may require travel to provide onsite support of test and engineering efforts in labs and ship sites.

If you enjoy working with highly motivated people solving complex technical problems, the tasks that Black Knight Technology engineers and analysts work on will not disappoint you. We offer competitive salaries and a benefits package that is superior to our competitors.

Following is a summary of the some of the activities you will have an opportunity to perform and our job qualification requirements.

Engineering Responsibilities
  • Elicit and define requirements for combat system features
  • Develop trade studies to evaluate different design options for combat system features
  • Perform system requirement analysis to capture and understand system requirements, implementation, capabilities, and limitations from the developing agent, facilitated by on-site insertion at development and test facilities
  • Establish system and software architecture and environment at onsite labs and identify, develop, and execute installation and checkout procedures and thresholds
  • Perform analysis of mission threads to develop test criteria for system assessment
  • Identify Simulation/Stimulation/Scenario needs to satisfy system requirements traceability at test facilities
  • Identify analysis, data, and automated analysis/procedural tool requirements necessary to support system assessment
  • Develop and execute test procedures
  • Develop and apply metrics to assess system performance
  • Develop and modify tools to enable test and analysis effort
  • Analyze data to assess test results and identify system issues
  • Root cause system issues to applicable functional areas and system requirements
  • Track issues to ensure proper prioritization and resolution
  • Identify potential workarounds and other options to resolve otherwise intractable issues
  • Conduct engineering studies as required to minimize risk and maximize efficiency of assets applied to the project
Job Requirements and Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Physical Science, Mathematics, and/or Engineering from an accredited college or university
  • Fast learner able to rapidly absorb and apply knowledge and techniques
  • Ability to work independently; self-motivated
  • Familiarity with current system engineering and software development principles
  • Excellent critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Excellent command of spoken and written English
  • Minimum qualifications for a security clearance or a current security clearance
  • Travel (sometimes extensively) to sites and labs on the Atlantic Coast