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Multi-Model Thread Manager (M2TM)

The M2TM is a meta-tool that provides an interface for users to plan, manage, thread, and automate software models. This allows for the efficient large scale batching and automation of existing modeling software, including those dependent on output of other models. The benefits of M2TM include:

  • Automatic model execution linking
  • Automatic restart following power outage
  • Simplified & standardized parameter entry and persistence
  • Efficient license usage minimizes cost
  • Science-focused model development, input/output management
  • Standardized model integration
  • Short learning curve, maximizes results analysis
  • Efficient project management
  • Execution status email notification
  • Native code model interface
  • Prioritized model execution, preemption, and rollback
  • Output and trend visualization
M2TM software
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