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Chameleon Overview

Chameleon is a general purpose data automation tool developed by Black Knight Technology. Chameleon allows developers to easily create custom tailored automation solutions in the form of Chameleon plug-ins. These plug-ins are quicker to develop than full stand-alone tools, because the Chameleon client provides a standard set of re-usable features such as GUI and command line interfaces, input validation, automatic updates, and more. The developer can practically write the business logic directly, and have a complete automation solution quickly. Chameleon plug-ins can do almost anything, including by not limited to testing, analysis, data conversion, data formatting, validation, and metrics calculation. Chameleon users will benefit in reduced training time, by having such a heterogeneous mix of functionality available from within the same easy-to-use client.

Key Features

  • Openly adaptable via plug-ins written in .Net or Python
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Efficient command line client
  • Highly scalable
  • Automatic updates on your LAN
  • Full documentation
  • Mature and stable
Chameleon software
Chameleon software Chameleon software Chameleon software